Welcome to Frankie's Peppers!

I sell everything from the fresh peppers grown in my garden to the plants and seeds of many varieties of peppers.

The collection of pepper varieties grows each year, and I hope this business will continue to inspire and to be a great source of information to anyone interested in growing and cultivating chile peppers.


All of the produce is grown locally here in Sparkill, and can be shipped to all continental U.S. states! I offer many different varieties of peppers, ranging from Jalapeños and Poblanos through Habaneros and up to Ghost Peppers and Carolina Reapers! Inquiries about pepper sales can emailed to contact@frankiespeppers.com. Take a look!

Check back next April!


There are many ways to contact with any questions at all!

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I had the privilege of eating one of Frankie's prized ghost peppers whole. Following the most painful twenty minutes of my young life and an excruciating 24 hours of intense digestion, I can confidently say that Frankie's ghost pepper was the single hottest thing that I have ever consumed.


My peppers arrived in timely fashion, fresh and carefully packaged and labeled. The care with which these peppers are grown and handled was evident from the moment I opened my box. I made the the most amazing chili and hot salsa with these garden fresh treats. I highly recommend Frankie’s Peppers!

TheHotPepper User

Want to thank Francesco for helping me out with these padron peppers.
Thank you Frankie for shipping these out so fast now I gotta eat them all up before the wife gets home lol

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