List of Peppers for the 2020 season

Plants will be available until June/July depending on availability. If you would like to order plants you can send an email to to reserve a plant. All plants come with a print-out of growing tips for peppers plants and you can always email with additional questions.


Peppers are available!

The website is here to help you decide which peppers are for you and to place an order reserving your chiles for pickup at my house:


Frankie's Peppers Nursery at

81 Rockland Road, Sparkill, NY


Or arranging for drop-off at your house. Please send an email to

Frankie's Peppers Grow List 2020

Carolina Reaper

Aji Mango


Bhut Jolokia (Ghost)

Jalapeno Zapotec

Jalapeno Agriset

Aji Pineapple



Bishop's Crown


Apocalypse Scorpion

7 Pot Jonah Orange

Cheiro Do Norte


Large Red Habanero

Large Orange Habanero


Count Dracula

Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion

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