The Aji Amarillo is one of the most famous peppers in Peru and is used in many signature dishes. It is also a much soght-after chile in the hot pepper community, people LOVE this chile.


The plant is definitely a producer, but takes it's time in ripening. The plant grows to about 4 feet tall and will give tons of chiles, but be prepared to wait about 4-5 weeks for ripening. The wait is definitely worth it - despite being named Aji Amarillo (which means yellow in spanish), this chile is a gorgeous vibrant orange color. It is very thick-walled and juicy, and has a delicious sweet flavor to it along with the heat. Remove the placenta and seeds to enjoy just the sweet flavor from this pepper and almost none of its heat. Definitely one of my favorites and should for sure be in your garden next year!

Aji Amarillo Seeds (10-15 seeds)