This is the world’s original “superhot” pepper. It gained international press around the year 2000 when a scientist at the Ministry of Defense in Assam, India (the region where the ghost pepper is grown in large quantities) submitted samples of the pepper for analysis. Paul Bosland of The Chile Pepper Institute (where I got my seeds) obtained seeds of the ghost pepper, or “Bhut Jolokia,” and submitted it to Guinness when he saw how hot it was. It clocks in at 1,001,300 SHU at its hottest and will certainly take your breath away. This pepper was confirmed by Guinness to be the world’s hottest pepper in 2007, dethroning the Red Savina Habanero, which was the world’s hottest pepper at ~570,000 SHU starting in 1994.

“Superhot” peppers have a natural mutation that allows them to produce capsaicin not only in the placenta (the white part inside a pepper where the seeds attach), but also in the internal skin of the pepper. All peppers before this one were limited to how much capsaicin oil could be concentrated around the seeds, but starting with the ghost pepper capsicum plants had found a way to increase the potency of their peppers exponentially - by secreting capsaicin in the inside of the skin as well.


10-15 seeds per pack.


Capsicum Chinense

(although research from Paul Bosland of the chile pepper institute shows that this pepper has genetics from c. frutescens as well)

Ghost Pepper Seeds