This is my second all-time favorite pepper. It is a close cousin of the Poblano pepper, but has a sleeker shape and slightly less bitter taste. Instead of ripening to red, this chile ripens to brown. The flavor profile is nearly identical to the poblano, and I used this pepper to make chile rellenos (and in fact found them be a little bit better than the poblanos for rellenos) with great success!


The plant grows up to 4.5 feet tall or so, and will produce tons of chiles for you. I highly recommend this plant for anyone. It's versatility in cooking (in chilis, stews, and chile rellenos) and low heat profile make it an ideal pepper for your garden. Chiles can be picked green like poblanos or when brown, although I typically pick them green like I do poblanos. Seeds selected from the larges, best-shaped, and best-tasting pods from this season.

Iseno Seeds (10-15 seeds)