Get a box of assorted peppers of all different kinds! This year I am growing a very large variety of peppers, so check out the list so you can see what you may get in a box! Here are some photos of the different peppers (this list doesn't include everything)


This pepper box makes decision-making very easy. Just tell me if you want MILD (jalapeno/poblano level) peppers, HOT (thai/habanero level) peppers, SUPER-HOT (ghost/reaper level) peppers, or MIXED BOX peppers (meaning I create a mix of a bunch of different kinds of peppers that range from mild to ultra-hot).


All peppers will be labeled so you know which is which. Of course, if you see a type of pepper on the list that you would like to have exclusively, just indicate that to me and it will be arranged. Take care, and enjoy!

Small Flat-Rate Box


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